An efficient tool for your e-mail and SMS campaigns



Move-On Access: a comprehensive guest check-in solution
Before the event
Customize your communication according to your guests
Monitor your e-mail and SMS campaigns in real-time
Manage the registration status
Simplify guest list imports
During the event
Streamline the reception process
Alert the organizer of the arrival of VIPs
Accelerate the handling of your reception team
Plan multiple access points
Stay informed in real time of guest arrivals
After the event
Export to Excel or PDF your initial file completed with check-in data
Automate your courtesy mailing campaigns

Move-On Access solution key benefits

Guest search filters
Online / offline modes
Customizable fields
QR codes badges
Excel exports and imports
Onsite print of badges
Accompanying persons management
Managment of luggage or any complex check-in scenarios 
E-mail and SMS notifications
E-mail templates
PDF export for attendance reporting

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